I frequently feel homesick for the stars, for that place that seems always to be slightly out of reach.

I felt most close to it once morning when we were vacationing on the west end of Molokai Island, Hawai’i. I had the honor of watching this gorgeous moon set.

Later, I composed and recorded the music for this meditation. I played it on a Paraguayan Harp, recorded at my home with simple equipment.


“Writing Letters to Home” is healing harp meditation music, infused with Reiki energies of healing, interwoven with photos of a moonset I saw on the Hawaiian Island of Molokai.

Since antiquity, people have recognized the harp for its soothing qualities. Today science tells us that harp music can lower blood pressure, increasing relaxation, improve medical therapies, and speed healing.

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation practice that is also known for its ability to speed healing, plus having the ability to travel great distances.

The photos in this video were all shot on the Island of Molokai, birthplace of Hula, and renowned for its own healing properties.

Combined together, harp, Reiki and Molokai, the energies in this music are designed to offer you a few minutes inner peace that I hope will last throughout your day.



I used to work in the computer industry, so I know how the Internet is wired together, and how sound and data travel around. I envision that every time you play this video, the healing energies of the harp, Reiki and Hawaii, are transmitted through all the parts of the Internet between me and you, and together we are bathing the planet in love and harp music. Thanks!

CYMBER is a visionary instrumental meditation harpist and composer, living in California & Hawaii. A Reiki master, CYMBER infuses her nature-based music with relaxation energies. Her upcoming release, Spa in a Box: 2017 Edition, takes the listener on a journey of relaxation, release and renewal – all in time time it takes to take a bubble bath at home.

CYMBER’s visionary musical direction has garnering her five Big Island Music Awards for New Age Music. Her first CD, Seasons of the Soul, was featured on National Public Radio’s Hearts of Space and on Hawaii Public Radio. She was a featured performer at the Globe Institute’s Sound Healing Conference & Festival. She has produced 3 full-length musically-guided meditation CDs, many singles, many spoken-word guided meditations, and a Chi-Gung exercise DVD.

“I enjoyed your sweet meditation. I look forward to a healthful sleep and listening again tomorrow.” D. Sarao, Hawaii

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