“Writing Letters Home”

I frequently feel homesick for the stars, for that place that seems always to be slightly out of reach. I felt most close to it once morning when we were vacationing on the west end of Molokai Island, Hawai’i. I had the honor of watching this gorgeous moon set. Later, I composed and recorded the music for this meditation.

I played it on a Paraguayan Harp, recorded at my home with simple equipment.

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“Reiki Music for Japan – After the Tsunami From a Place that Knows”

I wrote this piece in response to the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Though it may feel like a distant memory, the long-term effects may a game changer on Earth. I created this YouTube as a peaceful meditation to remind us that no matter what happens, love and nature can see us through.


Welcome to my Holiday Harp Meditation, which first aired on Facebook Live in December 14, 2016. This is a Buddhist-flavored musical meditation, based on traditional Christmas carols.

Pull out your meditation cushion, shut the door, and set aside a few minutes to breathe deeply. Let the harp work its magic and take you to a holiday place of peace.

Next week, I’ll be playing music to celebrate the December Solstice, the darkness moment of the year (in the north), and the lightest moment of the year (in the south).

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