A Full-Stage Production in the works…

The Whale Hula Ballet | Cymber Lily Quinn, harpist, composer, museAfter six years of mulling it over, I have started writing a full-scale stage production called, “The Whale Hula Ballet.” This coming-of-age story sends a young teenage girl and her friends on an ocean adventure to sing to the whales in Alaska and bring them home to Hawaii for Winter Solstice.

There will be dancing roles for children, ages 5 and older, as well as roles for semi-professional and professional dancers. There will also be non-dancing roles for so parents can share the stage with their children dancers.

I’m writing the music, which is a tropical blend of traditional hula kahiko, as well as more modern hula ‘auana, and some hula suprises. Alongside the hula, I’ll feature traditional ballet, and light-hearted dances.

The goal of The Whale Hula Ballet is to provide dance schools, music schools and community theater organizations a new holiday production that allows beginning musicians and dancers to play alongside experienced and professional musicians and dancers. It is a multi-generational story that will be played out by multi-generational performers.

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