Suni Smith, harpist, Cymber Lily Quinn, harpist, teacherShe made me feel as though everything was possible

“Cymber helped me to begin to play the Celtic harp and move from insecurity to confidence.

She gave me many useful and specific details on how to position my hands, arms, fingers and even body posture. She made suggestions for how to improve tone and work towards a fluid, pleasing sound.

She was calm, supportive, joyful, friendly and a good role model.

Cymber shared useful sheet music recommendations and gave me exercises to improve fingering. She could perceive what I was doing well and what I needed to improve and could express that in a way that I could benefit from.

She made me feel as though everything was possible and that I would be able to share soothing, healing music which is my goal. She gave me information that related directly to the course I am taking elsewhere to become a certified music practitioner.

Cymber is a marvelous teacher with healing aloha!

Yay, Cymber!!”

Suni Smith, Ukiah, CA


Patient – Centered – Grounded

Andrea Cortez, music therapist, Reiki practitioner | Cymber Lily Quinn, harpist, composer, private music teacher, San Jose, CA, and Hilo, HI“I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to  travel to Hawaii and study harp with Cymber.  I immediately felt at ease with her during lessons, as she is a very patient, centered and grounded teacher.

Cymber has much knowledge about the harp.  During my studies she helped me to understand the healing qualities of the harp and how such a beautiful instrument could bring joy into my own life. Thank you, Cymber.”

Andrea Cortez, Austin, TX


Music is in Her Heart and Soul

“I have had the fine pleasure of taking harp lessons from Cymber Lily. Under her guidance I advanced from beginner to advanced intermediate within a year’s time.

Among her qualities that I appreciated the most were knowledge of the instrument, music theory and practical applications, adapting the lesson to the learner’s style, kindness, fellow feeling, considering the entire person into his or her harp playing style, flexibility, genuine personality, and firm yet gentle teaching style.

Most of all she became and still is a loyal trusted friend. Anyone taking lessons from her would realize her fine attributes and know that music was in her heart and soul, and her desire is to share and instill this into her students.” –

Edy Kim, Hilo, HI


“Thanks for the lessons. I am really learning a lot more than I imagined in all my instruments – even my voice! I also appreciate you introducing me to Skype. Aloha!”

Ancelyn Avila, Kona, HI

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