“Cymber Lily’s is a lovely gift and I’m grateful for it, like having a moment to appreciate the way the night blooming jasmine smells standing in the dark.” — Holly Young, sculptor, Papa’aloa, HI


“Thank you for bringing your gift to our center. It was fantastic!” — Dr. Angela Lopez, Chiropractic from the Heart, San Jose California


“Lovely. Inspiring. Wonderful balance! This work is truly a blessing!” — Paul H., Reiki master, Island of Hawai’i and MA


Harp Orchestral Work | Cymber Lily Quinn, harpist & composer“Cymber brought a unique blend of classical training, creativity and good, practical working musical experience to my project. In the winter of 2013, Cymber performed on my original symphonic piece, The Distant Drummer at the University of Hawaii, Hilo. It was tricky rounding up musicians in such a small town and the biggest challenge lay in finding a harpist. A mutual friend connected us and it soon became apparent that Cymber was as kind as she was skilled. Early-on we established a working relationship which benefited all parties and certainly enhanced our presentation of the work’s debut performance.

Cymber is imaginative, adept on her instrument, enthusiastic, charges a reasonable rate and a positive force on all levels. I keep a list of musicians with whom I prefer to work and Cymber’s name will always be included on that list.”

— Rich Gomez  composer, M. M.


“You are at the beginning of a wonderful new journey as a Harp Shaman with many years ahead to explore the universe and to bring your positive influence to the world.” – J. Griffin, Canada


“Thank you for your time with my wife. Yesterday, we were at the hospital in Honolulu for a check-up, and everyone said she looked great. Your work shows!!” — JB, Island of Hawai’i




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