“Been listening to your music on repeat for days now when I’m at my computer. Really enjoy it. Thanks so much for giving me all your wonderful music and your friendship.” P. Pease-Johnson, Kea’au, HI


“That was simply wonderful. Thank you SO much. I just enjoyed the sweetest meditation listening and look forward to a healthful sleep and listening again tomorrow.

SO special. My own music for healing. Thank you so much, Cymber. You are wonderful. Love to you and blessings.” D. Sorao, Volcano, HI


“Thank you so much for making these audios to help Alex remember his beautiful, healthy, loving, vibrant beating heart…the visualisation was perfect!” M. Crawford, London, UK


“Thank you for the you tube video, It makes me feel less old!

Thank you for the daily affirmation, it gives me hope.

Thank you for the music it makes me cry for I feel your love, it makes me morn for I feel my loss, it makes me calm for I feel the peace.

I am so thankful for everything thing you have done for me!” K. Freeman, Sacramento, CA


“Thanks, Cymber! I’ve never been able to share a Reiki session I have received with anyone else before, relive it the way I can when listening to this recording.”Janet Dagley Dagley, editor, The Reiki Digest


I received this lovely thank you note recently from Quebec, Canada.

“I just received your cd…My house is filled with beautiful summer sunlight and with your lovely healing notes. What can I say? It’s like having a friend with me! 

Thank you so much for this present and presence in my life. Merci beaucoup!!” — Sonia, Canada

Sonia's thank you note | CYMBER - award-winning meditation harpist & composer