Grace at Finch Creek |Spa in a Box | CYMBER, new age harpistYay, the release of Spa in a Box: 2017 Edition is Thursday November 17, 2016! The CDs are freshly back from the printer, and we are busy getting all the details ready for you for the official release of the entire CD.

While you wait, you can download the first single from this CD…

Grace at Finch Creek

Finch Lake is located about 5 miles above the Wild Basin Ranger Station near Allenspark, Colorado. One day last summer, I went hiking there. It had been about 30 years since I had done that hike, and about the same amount of time since I had seen my hiking partner, and amazing jazz vocalist, Donna Wickham.

We admired the views, ate lunch, caught up, and enjoyed the view. Then on the way back home, we stopped to enjoy the delicate gurgling of a tiny creek. I recorded audio, which is included in the song. Donna recorded video. I’m so glad she did, so you can see this lovely spot.

Download Grace at Finch Creek here…>>

(This is an MP3 download. To get the full AIFF audio file, purchase the CD when it is available.)


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