Cymber Lily Quinn, meditation harpist, San Jose, Hilo

Light a Candle.  Soak in a Tub. Add Harp Music

Cymber Releases New Album  “Spa in a Box”

Cymber’s latest opus takes listeners on a journey of deep relaxation and rejuvenation in seven tracks, all in the time it takes for a hot bath.


Harp music has been known to reduce stress and for its therapeutic effect for centuries. The vibrations, sounds and soft melodies have a direct impact on the nervous system and the mind.

Recent studies, for example the clinical research by the University of Arizona, confirmed that harp music not only lowers the blood pressure of patients, but that it also has a direct impact on the perceived level of pain. If it can be this powerful in a medical setting, imagine what it can do in the privacy of your own home.

Cymber combines her passion for harp music and her affinity for spas in this audible gem. “I have always had a secret love of spas. It does feel like a guilty pleasure,” says Cymber. “But the older I get, and the more I learn about my body, the more I feel that going to the spa is essential to my good health.”

Not everyone has access to a pampering spa often enough, so transforming a bath into a special oasis is a wonderful solution. This is where Cymber’s new album comes in, together with a candle, some soothing scents and oils. Not to forget the bubbles!

“Spa in a Box” is an invitation to take a break, to let go and return refreshed after a short journey into the magical world of warmth and sound.

SPA IN A BOX Tracks:

Track 1.  First Stars of the Evening. As you slip into the bathtub close your eyes. The sun has just set and the first stars are appearing. The day is over and you can rest. Time: 15:11

Track 2. Fresh Smell of Rain. Imagine gentle rain beginning to fall. Smell the first few drops. Everything, including you, is washed clean. Time: 12:07

Track 3. Grace at Finch Creek. Set down your load and relax. Grace has you covered. Time: 8:21

Track 4. Healing for a Friend. Painful moments may come to mind. This music helps you to embrace the hurt and find comfort. Time: 4:44

Track 5. In the Wee Hours. In those early hours of the morning we often have our best moments of clarity. See what comes to you.  Time: 15:02

Track 6. Walking Toward the Sun. You are about to emerge from a journey into the depth of yourself. You relaxed your body and mind, indulged in soothing sounds and scents, perhaps confronted issues that percolated up and released them into the tub. Now you are refreshed and ready for a good night of sleep. Time: 14:13

Bonus Track, New for this Edition: A New Day is Born.


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